Latvian Genealogical Society

What is the Latvian Genealogical Society?

At the moment, still an idea. There are many family history societies in the world. As evidenced by FEEFHS (Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies), there are even a number dedicated to Eastern European research.

But there isn't one for Latvia. So let's start one!


I know there are quite a number of individuals researching their Latvian roots. A number have commented on my blog, even more post on genealogy message boards trying to find some trace of their family, but finding very little answers. The few websites dedicated to Latvian genealogy, while providing useful information, do not appear to have been updated in years.

So I'm hoping to change that. I want to build a dynamic, up-to-date informational and social network of people interested in Latvian genealogy. People at all levels of research, all levels of knowledge, all levels of language, all walks of life.

But I can't do it alone. This is where you come in!

What can I do?

Send me an email at (Note: Email address is an image to prevent spam. You will need to type it into your email program). State your interest in joining the society, and answer the following questions:

  1. Your name
  2. Your location (doesn't need to be specific, province/state/country is fine)
  3. Why you are interested in joining the society
  4. What languages you speak, and at what levels
  5. Your genealogical experience (regarding any country)
  6. What you're hoping to learn from others by joining the society
  7. What you are able to do to help the society (examples: translate for other members, help indexing/transcribing, maintain webpages, organize events either online or in-person, help promote the society, etc.)

Everyone has something they can contribute, and everyone has something they can learn from others.

What will the society do?

At this point, sky's the limit! If you are interested in having the society do something, get involved, propose the idea and chances are you'll be given the freedom to organize the project as you wish. This is a new society, so anything is possible if someone has the initiative to carry it out.

I'm hoping that the society will get involved in the Latvian Surname Project. I hope that we will be able to create extensive parish histories including newspaper excerpts, co-operate with Ciltskoki and a variety of other projects. I'm also hoping that eventually we can have conferences and a newsletter and all sorts of other things.

Do I need to send any money?

No! For the time being, I'm just gathering interest and potential members. When we have a good number of people committed to the idea, then we'll worry about the logistics of forming a formal society.